Candle Deal at Ikea

I love candles and I love Ikea. However, I never realized what a great deal Ikea’s tealight candles are.  I spent $15 and I have enough candles for a month!! I use to buy the dollar candles at Dollar Tree and A.C. Moore but they burn out in a day. Plus I like to burn candles in the livingroom, diningroom, my room, and all 3 bathrooms. At $1 a candle that gets expensive. If you are a candle person check out Ikea.

There is a Rat Among Us

I just finished landscaping my backyard and fencing it in. Then to my surprise there are two gigantic holes in my landscaping (not happy). So I go to Lowes to get rid of the pest and she gives me a trap that requires me throwing the rat away. Ahh nope, not going to happen. I have moved out of places because I heard a mouse/rat. This rat and I can never meet. So I put peanut butter on rat bait and dropped it in his holes.  I also bought some spray to put on my trash and around my fence to deter the rat. I learned that rats don’t like peppermint. Next I am going to learn a DIY peppermint spray to deter the rats.


I am getting so tired of these combat sport participants running track during matches. Floyd Mayweather created this monster in boxing and now it has carried over into the UFC. I had almost given up on boxing after watching pay-per-view after pay-per-view of Floyd Mayweather running from opponent after opponent and getting a win each time. Now it has carried over into the UFC. I watched joanna jedrzejczyk run from Jessica Andrade and scared to engage. Out of her terrible performance she got the win and praises fromDana White. I have vowed that fighters who perform in this manner will never get my dollars for pay-per-views. Now today I got to see Alexander Gustafsson run (literally) around the cage from Glover Teixeira. Luckily he got the knockout but still a majority of the fight he was scared to engage. If these type of performances continue to not only be allowed but also praised, combat sports are in danger.