Pattern 3 of 52

Well after my catastrophe with Pattern 2 I decided to move on to something that really is easy. I bought a pattern from Annie’s Attic (one of my favorite websites) called Super Quick Slippers by Lisa van Klavern a while ago. I decided to try it today and it really was super quick. This took about an hour for one slipper and it didn’t use much yarn. I chose Cozy Wool by Loops and Threads. At first they looked weird but once I finished them and tried them on I was in love. Getting ready to make these with matching blankets and pillows as Christmas gifts.




Pattern 2 of 52 Epic Fail

Pattern two was suppose to be easy. It is the Mod Ring featured in the Summer 2012 Interweave Crochet Magazine. It says fast and fabulous and it appeared that it would be. However, at some point of reading the pattern I screwed up, but there was no turning back. I had strung 36 beads and I knew it wouldn’t be easy to take the elastic string loose. So I plugged along to make my own creation hoping it would look close. Unfortunately, it is cutting off circulation to my pinky and I am going to have to try this again. The good thing is I know where I went wrong the bad thing is I really like my creation even though I could lose my pinky if I wear it for too long. Standby for my do over Argh!


My version.


Their version.

Oatmeal Applesauce Raisin Bread

I am so excited about a new bread that I will be making in my bread machine. In my efforts to become healthy I am experimenting more & more with homemade menu items. Bread became a quick favorite in my home. I found it amazing how quickly homemade bread begins to bold as opposed to store bought. It makes you wonder how many preservatives are added to bread that allows it to last so long. Fortunately my home is packed with healthy appetites & rarely does fresh baked bread mold (by rarely I mean it has only happened once). My bread machine has definitely paid for itself at a whopping $19 thrift store find. I am going to test this new recipe today & share the recipe & pics if it comes out as wonderful as it sounds.


1/3 cup old fashion oats


1/2 cup water


1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce


1 3/4 cup bread flour


1 tsp salt


1 tablespoon butter or margarine (I used unsalted butter)


1 tablespoon brown sugar


1 tablespoon nonfat powder dry milk


1/4 cup raisins (I used organic raisins & more like 1/2 cup so there will be raisins in every bite)


1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


1 1/2 teaspoon red star yeast for all bread machines

Then set to light crust & I used the sweet bread cycle. It automatically set for 3:30.


1 hour left & it is looking & smelling delicious. I can’t believe I am up at 1 am, with my mouth watering, waiting for bread!!


The finished product was delicious. It wasn’t as sweet as I thought it to be but a wonderful substitute for store bought raisin bread and much cheaper. I cut a piece this morning and shared it with the kids. It had a kind of bitter taste but not bad. It was extra moist i loved the texture. Although I added extra raisins they didn’t over power the bread and I won’t use the recommended amount of raisins. I would add apple butter to mine or a sweet topping like honey even an apple jelly. The breads flavor wouldn’t work to me with anything like a grape or strawberry jelly/jam. I am definitely making another loaf to eat with my oatmeal in the morning. I am definitely recommending this recipe and hope you try it.

Pattern 1 of my 52 week pattern challenge

My first pattern comes from The Complete Guide to Crochet Vol 1. This is actually a UK publication & requires some translation to English. This magazine comes from the UKs other crochet magazine called Inside Crochet of which I am also a fan. Anyway on to the pattern I did the Sandy Bag. It was mega fast to work up I did this in about a day & a half leaving me time to work on some freestyle patterns. With quick patterns like this I might be able to do more then 52!




My Goodwill trip today

So excited I went to my local goodwill today looking for a new bag to hold the thread for my crochet earrings & you’d never guess what I found. A Michael Kors bag in not so bad condition for $10, a great deal & a wonderful treat for myself. I also got a bag that I can put pictures in to display my work & a cute purse. I got some sheets to line my crochey bags with & I spent under $40 for everything. Checkout the pics of my goodwill finds.







52 Patterns – Crochet

I am a person who loves to crochet. Unfortunately my desire to crochet everything in every crochet book & magazine is way bigger then my time. So I have decided to crochet (at least) a pattern a week. The patterns are easy to come by but again there is that thing with time. This goal will force me to make time in my week to work on something I love. Stay tuned for pics and pattern tips. I look forward to hearing from you.

Budget Friendly Menu Plan

I have found that feeding a family of five on one income can be tight. To ensure I don’t go broke I have to plan ahead. So I cut coupons, menu plan, bargain shop, bulk buy etc. I actually enjoy saving money & I try to avoid buying things not on sale or without a coupon whenever possible. I look forward to sharing these tips with you & hopefully it will be helpful. So standby & follow my blog for some money saving life changing tips.


Hello and welcome to my first Blog!!! So excited. My first blog is about money. It is a yucky situation but necessary to address given the current state of finances everywhere. I did my budget for the next three years & when I tell people that they look at me like I am crazy. Well I did that because this first year was more of me catching up. It will actually be three years before I am in a wonderful place financially. So I get excited when I can pay something off early. By the same token when something unexpected sets me back I know it isn’t too bad because it falls right into that 3rd year I will still be in a good place. Try doing your budget through the time when you have all your bills paid instead of for just a year. It may be hard at first but I promise you’ll enjoy knowing that you can be debt-free. It is a wonderful motivator.