Make Cheap Tomato Sauce Taste Homemade!

Well given the current economy, any way to save money is necessary. I have never been a fan of generic tomato sauce. I have always felt it was much to sweet for my liking. I love Prego & Ragu style sauces but lets face it the generic can be up to 50 cents or more less. It sounds like a little but it really adds up. I have found a way to doctor the generic sauces to make the sauces taste homemade (even better then the name brand). One added ingredient powdered onion soup!! Depending on how much sauce you are making I use one packet of Lipton soup for every 2-26 oz jar. I have a hungry house so one jar will never due. Also, I know my family mixes the pasta with the sauce to stretch the meal (I hate the thought of it). There is no better way to ruin a good sauce (any kind of sauce) then mixing it with the pasta prior to serving. The pasta will absorb the sauce (especially al’ dente) and take away from the flavor. However, to each his own just not my preference. Tomorrow I will post a great thrifty tomato sauce that is worth making if you have extra time. Remember if you can make tomato sauce from scratch it keeps very well frozen. When I get the chance I love the homemade version of tomato sauce. Well have a blessed Sunday until tomorrow.


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