Lacy Dress

Well in an effort to use up some of my yarn I decided to go through my patterns and actually make something. So I am working on a Vintage Lacy Dress pattern that I can’t wait to wear with my purple heels!!! I started the pattern today & finished through the back skirt. Once I got started it worked pretty easy. I used Caron Light yarn so I changed the treble bar stitch to just a plain treble stitch because the light yarn appears a lot thinner then the yarn from the pattern. I wanted a light yarn so I won’t get hot in the dress. I am pretty sure I am going to redo this pattern with a nice cotton yarn. I have always felt that patterns work so much easier the 2nd time around. Well stay tuned for my finished pictures of my lacy dress.



Crochet is my addiction

I am in the process of getting my home together. I am an crocheter and I am addicted to buying patterns & yarn. When I look at my home I could be organized if I just got rid of my yarn & patterns. However, I have accepted that will never happen. I have more patterns then I will complete in a lifetime but that isn’t a deterrent for me to stop. When I look at articles on how to organize my yarn I think those methods would only hold 1/4 of my stash. I could wrap yarn around the world in triplicate and still have leftovers. So here is my confession “my name is Kathi & I am an addict”. If anyone has any ideas or resolutions HELP!! I will take any and all suggestions.