Scripture Sunday

I haven’t blogged since Thursday but I have missed it.  I wanted to log everyday this year but I missed my target already.  Today I want to blog about bible scriptures.  My scripture comes from Matthew 19.  I read the entire verse but would like to focus on one specifically.  Matthew 19:24.  This verse speaks of it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then a rich man to get into heaven.  Often times this verse is taken to mean rich financially.  I interpret this scripture differently.  I come from a home that believes in God but still lives of the world.  I believe that rich is to be rich of the world.  By this I mean that when you fail to give up worldly things that go against God’s will to satisfy your desires of the world.  This can be any number of things and I believe that they we all have done this.  Fornication, drunkenness, etc. are all worldly things that some people fail to give up when they make the decision to follow God.  These are “riches” of the world.  Things that we enjoy but are not of God.  I believe that free will is the best and worst thing that Christians have and can make or break their relationship with God.  Often I hear people say he knows my heart but I ask is that enough.  Most people mean well and want to do well but it is the discipline of a Christian that truly projects them over all else.  I have surrounded myself with people that I hope to one day emulate when it comes to relationships with God.  When I see how calm they are in situations I hope to achieve that one day in my life.  When I see how patient they are when things are not coming together exactly as they plan, I hope to emulate that as well.  I have come a long way from who I use to be and with no regrets.  The old me is still inside but the discipline I am learning and the power to be powerless is something that I learn everyday.  I realize that there are people and things that I can’t change.  I will never be able to get people to see things through my eyes and I can only make a best effort then give it over to God.  I don’t have the riches of the world (or the riches of finance for that matter) but I have a relationship with God that satisfies me more everyday.  I have accepted that I am a passenger and not a driver and my life has been happier since that day.  I am human and I fall short of His glory more often then I care to admit but I admit these things to Him and repent and know that He always forgives me.  I am currently reading a Christian based booked called “Overcoming Relationship Regret: Finding a Healthy Love Understanding Your Patterns Moving Beyond Sexual Mistakes” by Dick Purnell with Christina Holder.  I plan on doing a review of this book once I have completed it and I don’t use this book to substitute from reading God’s word daily (my spiritual vitamin),  So far I am enjoying the book as I hope that you have enjoyed my post.  God bless and have a good week.  Another blog coming tomorrow..


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