I am a huge boxing fan and have been for over twenty years. Now that is often hard to believe because I am a female but I attribute it to being my Dad’s only child. I always say I had to be the girl & the tomboy so my Dad got the best of both worlds in me. Now back to boxing, I have been a fan since the Don King era. Although I am NOT a fan of Don King I have a lot of respect for what he brought to boxing. He paired some of the best fights because he had the market cornered. Even if you weren’t promoted by him you sought his promotion because his fights made money. Now it is questionable how many of his fighters saw that money as evidenced by Mike Tyson. However, it was a wonderful experience for boxing fans that the best fight for the public would be the next fight for the public. In the day and age of rapper Fifty-Cents being a fight promoter, with most fights you need change for a penny. I am disappointed that promoters like Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions can’t put on their big boy pants and think of the sport and it’s fans. Like it would hurt them to split the 60 million they have left after paying their fights. God forbid we ask grown men to share. I am slowly becoming partial to the UFC. I have heard that it’s Dana White’s way or the highway but he gives the fans the fights they want to see and there is no question to that. Boxing promoters better get on board or their billion dollar empire is in jeopardy.


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