Maya Angelou Dies at Age 86

The world has truly lost someone special. Her contributions to literature continue to go unmatched. As an African American author, poet, actress, etc. others can only hope to be 1/4 as talented and well rounded as her. The first real book I ever read was I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Her writings motivated me to write about the things that drive me crazy as a teen. My journal and my vacations into good books were deterrents from me having any desire to pick up a gun & shoot my classmates. Promote education and literature for our youth because we are losing. Them to guns. Maya Angelou was raped and had a hard childhood, only to be seen in her death as an icon. Dr. Maya Angelou you live on through your writings but you will truly be missed.


Crochet Earrings

I think I have found a project that is quick and easy (as long as you are okay with the small hook), and allows you to be creative. I have made a few pair a day and love that I can switch up the style as necessary. Now these could never take the place of my other projects but they are mobile and I can throw them in my purse and never regret not having a project to work on during those unexpected waits.



Found the Hooker in Me

Well let me explain. I love to knit and crochet but for about two years I have worked at x flea market selling my finished products. That took sine thing from me. I wasn’t able to work on the things I enjoyed but had to go with supply and demand. I have since dumped my flea market gig and I took a break from hooking. Now I am back in full effect but I am not entertaining any special orders that do not hold my attention. I have a collection of vintage books and I am excited to work the patterns out of them. My current WIPs (works in progress) are the red heart Trapezi vest by the double stitch twins (2 of my favorite designers). I am still working on the Care Bears afghan and the Cowboy blanket (not motivated to work on either of them). Finishing up a vest pattern out of one of my magazines. Stiffening a pair of earrings so I can add beads and a ear wire. Picking my own projects brings the joy back to me for hooking. Happy hooking everyone.

Cost saving effort

I have to start saving money. I want to buy a single family home in two years and I want to be prepared. So I have cut out my mani & pedi every two weeks. I haven’t resorted to cutting them out completely because I enjoy the relaxation of the spa. I have decided that instead of every two weeks I will go every six weeks. At 30-40 dollars a pop I am saving 60-80. Annually spent $780-$1040 for a whopping savings of $510-$680. Now that is the pay off of a small bill. I will soon post about my menu planning to save money tips.


Football Draft

I have been really exciting waiting for the football draft. I watched the ESPN specials that work up to the draft to see the players and hear their stories. I am a Redskins fan to the core and after our RG III disaster it makes me wonder about those number one draft picks. This year I watched the first round draft pick “Clowney” on the ESPN special as well. Although I found him to be very talented, his arrogance was a deterrent. I wonder if the draft is overrated. College and high school football differs so much that success in one does not guarantee success in the other. I have to say regardless of figuring out the equation of the draft I can’t wait for football season.