Mayweather vs. Maindana: Not Worth It!!!

Let me first start off by saying I love Mayweather and I like Maindana. However, they are not in the same class and this will be yet another easy win for Mayweather. Not even as interesting as the Canelo Alvares fight and that was like watching paint dry (boring). The undercard will be replicas of the main fight predictable, unevenly matched fighters. I am thankful for the preflight drama because that is going to be the highlight of these matches. Floyd’s ex is with rapper Nelly and he posts sonogram pictures and an abortion certificate, plus a rundown of all the cosmetic surgery he paid for (money doesn’t buy class). Then when that didn’t blow up the glove scandal (will they fight, won’t they fight). Now the fight is on. Browner vs. Molina easy pick Broener will win. His pride and his over inflated ego will not allow him to underestimate another fighter. He hasn’t been running around being a porker but has been taking this fight seriously. Now I can’t see him going for a knockout or taking any unnecessary risks. Khan vs. Collazo this is going to be BORING!!! At least I am hopeful Khan will go for the knockout but it will be an unsuccessful attempt. Khan will win by decision. No Love vs. Biosse is going to be our most interesting fight and probably our only chance for a knockout. So I will watch the post fight & ESPN and hope that my predictions are off but I refuse to lose $60 on this. If you are ordering the fight keep me posted and enjoy.


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