Gliding Schedule

I love the concept of a gliding schedule. For those not sure what that is, it is a schedule that allows you to arrive at work during a specified time frame and work the regularly scheduled day. Now I love the fact that it is nearly impossible to ever be late on this schedule. However, I just can’t get motivated to come in to work early anymore. This is not good because the later you arrive the later you get off and I love leaving work early. So my struggle is real in that I don’t get home early because I can’t get my butt out if bed and snooze has become more like a lover then a friend.


Crochet Shell Baby Blanket

My new project is a pink, yellow, and white shell baby blanket. I got the pattern from and modified it for a crib sized blanket. I tried pink, yellow, and grey but wasn’t in love with it. At first I wanted to do a granny square style but decided traditional wasn’t working for me. Pictures of my new creation will be coming soon. The pattern is called Twilight Shell Throw. If anyone else has tried this pattern please share your progress.

Blogging ADD

I think I suffer from blogging ADD. I absolute love domestic duties. I want to share all this love but I feel like I fail my readers daily. I want to share so much but end up not sharing anything. I am a newby blogger and so excited about blogging. However, I just can’t seem to find the words. So to my readers I fall short, my apologies.

Dinner Remix – Chili

On Mondays it’s rough getting the work week started. Normally I do quick dinners or eat out. Well my budget is a negative Nancy and eating out is now a fantasy. So this Monday I put kidney beans in the crockpot and when I got home I put hotdogs in the hotdog maker (a kitchen gadget I acquired at the thrift store). I don’t eat hotdogs so I always grab a package of hot links (I got these from our local farmers market). These hot links were flavorless so I only ate one. Tonight I grabbed a package of Tostitos, ground beef and a 99 cents can of tomato sauce. I browned the beef with the sausage. Boiled the tomato sauce and added some powdered onion soup (of course store brand negative nancy wouldn’t have it any other way). Chili powder, seasoning salt, Italian seasoning, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and minced garlic added to the tomato sauce with about two cups of water. I put the browned meat in, added Tostitos & cheese to my makeshift chili and everyone is happy. Minus the leftovers dinner for five cost $8. I already had leftover cheese from taco night. I am a happy single mom!!!

Meal Planning Websites

I am a single mom of three. A divorce has left my credit badly in need of repair and now I am looking for anyway possible to save money. I am blessed that today I am in a better place then I was last year at this time. By that I mean car repairs and emergency issues I have been able to resolve without borrowing or breaking the bank. I have begun to repair my credit slowly but surely. However, this is a process. I cut coupons and meal plan which do save me money. Now the meal planning can be tricky and all it takes is one night to forget to take something out and you $1.70 per person quickly goes to $6.00 per person (and that is the dollar menu at McDonalds). I have looked onto these meal planning websites and all the ones I see charge. Now if I had an extra $39.00 a year I do not want to use it for someone to tell me how pt meal plan. The flip side is I have picky eaters! Now what if I pay $39.00 and your meals don’t work for my family. So starting August I will begin my own monthly meal plan that I will share with you. I know this sounds crazy but I am so excited!!!

The First 48

I love the show The First 48. I have my DVR set to record it but recently everything has been repeats. I have watched each episode at least etic because I love the show that much. Recently I have just been deleting them since they have only been showing repeats. Tonight I clicked on the line up and noticed a new episode. It was like Christmas for me. It may be sad but getting a new episode of my favorite show makes me so happy. Being a single mom of three does not leave a lot of time for me but it is these moments when the small things help me end my day with a smile!! I would love to know what little things make you happen (so at least I know it’s not just me).

Marijuana Fact

Although many states are legalizing marijuana it is still ILLEGAL because of federal law. Federal law stills considers weed a Schedule I controlled substance. Military and any federal employees and possibly contracted employees are prohibited from using, selling or possessing weed. The unemployment rate just increase!!!