Dinner Remix – Chili

On Mondays it’s rough getting the work week started. Normally I do quick dinners or eat out. Well my budget is a negative Nancy and eating out is now a fantasy. So this Monday I put kidney beans in the crockpot and when I got home I put hotdogs in the hotdog maker (a kitchen gadget I acquired at the thrift store). I don’t eat hotdogs so I always grab a package of hot links (I got these from our local farmers market). These hot links were flavorless so I only ate one. Tonight I grabbed a package of Tostitos, ground beef and a 99 cents can of tomato sauce. I browned the beef with the sausage. Boiled the tomato sauce and added some powdered onion soup (of course store brand negative nancy wouldn’t have it any other way). Chili powder, seasoning salt, Italian seasoning, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and minced garlic added to the tomato sauce with about two cups of water. I put the browned meat in, added Tostitos & cheese to my makeshift chili and everyone is happy. Minus the leftovers dinner for five cost $8. I already had leftover cheese from taco night. I am a happy single mom!!!


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