Budget Friendly Beauty

I have made a conscious decision to be debt free in 24 months (aside from student loans and my mortgage). I believe this is a very attainable goal and I am confident that it is within my reach. With this decision I have decided to sacrifice my nails (sad face). I love my nail game and I keep them on point but they are not budget friendly😰. I do love the natural look of the gel nails though. In my research I discovered that gel nails are more expensive then my acrylics. With all this information I decided to find some alternatives. My first alternative is the Gelous (found at Sally’s for $5.39) and Out The Door top coat (also at Sally’s for around $2.99). Now I found the instructions for this at http://theresakistel.com/category/beauty/. I had to add Nailtek foundation before I start the steps on the website and Nailtek Intensive Therapy as a top coat because I took tips off my nails are very brittle. The Nailtek is about $10.00 each bottle. I apply the intensive therapy daily two to three times for the first 60 days. One bottle usually work even with the frequent applications. It helps my nails strengthen up. I switch my polishes frequently and I love catching Walgreens 99 cents sale in the Sinful polishes. Right now I am wearing a nude until my nails get a little length to them. It usually takes about two to three weeks. Either way I am saving about $60 a month doing my own manicures and pedicures. Hope this is helpful. I will do a tutorial on the process on my YouTube channel.


2 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Beauty

  1. Good luck with that! You’re right nails do get expensive, spending $25 for a full set then $15 every two weeks that money adds up quickly

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