New Scarf and Hat Set

Ok I have officially started over. I am halfway done with my scarf and I am debating if I will do the hat the same color or use a solid color (the current yarn is variegated) and doing the flower with the current yarn. I love the colors of this yarn it is Caron Simply Soft Paints Our Heritage. I was overjoyed about finishing a poncho that I could wear with some cute hills and my jeans or a khaki skirt and boots. Now I am reduced to a hat and scarf set but to know me is to know I will make it hot.


Ran out of yarn

I hate when I start a new project and run out of yarn. I start a scavenger hunt for that color in my stash and find out that I have none. I checked at the local store that I thought I got it from and it isn’t there either. I am so disappointed and now I will have to pull it and find another project. Ugh!!!

Operation Too Much Yarn

I am a hoarder of yarn!!! There I said it and I have taken my first step. I am diligently trying to work through this. I am currently working through skeins of yarn so daily I will brief you on my struggle and yes the struggle is real. Now I am currently working on a Cowboys afghan, a teddy bear book bag, and hoot the owl. Now only one of them is offered free through Red Heart and I will share the link. I plan on sharing the pics of my progress and keep you posted. I would also like to update my followers know I may be leaving Etsy to start my own website. They are on the Redskins bandwagon and as a creator and artist I don’t want that to be stifled with restrictions. Another reason is I LOVE the Redskins, I bleed burgundy and gold. I am researching (it’s in my nature to do my homework) starting a website. I hope everyone keeps my goals in prayer to uplift my success. Signing out God bless. The link to the free pattern is





Ray Rice!!!!

I have got to give my opinion on this among the masses. Our society has lost their minds to say that his behavior is acceptable if his then girlfriend (now wife) is ok with it and forgives him. Let’s be clear she is an idiot period, point blank. There is no way that they had effective counseling in a matter of months that would help them. Furthermore, from that video that looks like status quo in their home. Now the main issues is this is not about Ray Rice or his wife. The issue is his position as a NFL player with plenty of press. If police, military, and even actors are losing their jobs for convictions of domestic violence why would he be immune? He even walks away with 22 million. Now I don’t propose a lifetime band but I do propose a consequence for the unacceptable behavior and lack of judgment he exhibited. For all of the selfish Ravens fans and special people who think a two game suspension is enough, the NFL got this one right!!!