Bath and Bodyworks Sale

Ok everyone before Christmas I went to Bath and Bodyworks looking for their Christmas sale prices, I got nothing! The only sale they had were the buy three get three free. Not good, one bottle is $14 and I am just not willing to pay $7 a bottle for their sprays. Now I have to admit I save a lot of money not using their lotions and shower gels. I go with a bargain brand body wash (I use Ivory $.98 at Wally World). For lotions I use CVS or Wally World intense moisturizing lotion unless I catch a clearance price on a good brand. I will do another post to tell you how to soup up you lotion if you have an oops and by lotion that simply does not work. Back to Bath and Bodyworks, now after Christmas they are having a mega sale (so glad I waited) old fragrances and seasonal are on sale for $3.60. I am stocking up on next years Christmas gifts. Also if you have any Aeropostale fans they have $5 shirts that also make great gifts, these shirts were originally $29.95 (absurd). Hollister didn’t have any deals to write home about $20 jeans is way over my budget. I am a thrift store shopping queen and I have Hollister jeans I paid $4 for and that is the only reason I have them. I did get to the thrift store for the 50% off last Saturday of the month. I will post pictures of what I got and my grand total later. Happy Monday!!!


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