My Thrift Store Haul

Before I get started I will tell you that I spent $49.00 even because I rounded up the change for donation (giving back is mandatory). Now I have attached pictures so you can see that thrift store shopping does not have to compromise tastes. I got shirts (that was my target shopping item) by Ann Taylor, Izod, American Eagle, & New York and Company. I was also able to score a Charter Club velour jumpsuit for my granny. All this without breaking the budget. At work one of my co-workers said you always have on nice clothes and I explained. To her they all come from second hand stores or consignment shops. Now even when shopping second hand beware of the price tags and have a target item. Remember it’s not a discount if you can’t use it (then it becomes a waste of money). It’s easy to pick up things you won’t use or don’t need when thrift store shopping because it appears to be a deal. One way I have found to avoid this is keep a list of what I need like black long sleeve shirt or brown slacks in my phone. Now I can’t always cover the list and after wasting dollars of the thrifty doesn’t have it I keep the item on my list. I also avoid thrift store hopping for just one item because if I am using a lot of gas in travel I might as well buy it new. I also only shop on discount days. Some stores offer 50% off on the last Saturday of every month and believe it or not the end of the year when everyone is purging is a perfect time. Other thrift stores have a 20% discount every Thursday. Most consignment shops have a discount section for items they want to get rid of. These items can be as cheap as a dollar an item. Most consignment shops are only as good as the area of their location especially if they are not a chain. The better the area the better the quality. Also in consignment shops don’t be afraid to haggle. There is usually a lowest sell price that the store owner agrees with the consigned to sell the item for. I have gotten Coach bags for $10 at consignment shops.












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