Owl Crochet Basket/Insomnia

Ok I have to work tomorrow but I’m still up crocheting. I just finished the eyes for my Owl Basket made in Redskin colors!!! It’s a gift for my mom and I am not sure if I am up because of my excitement for the gift or if this is my insomnia. Either way almost done and can’t wait to share it with my fellow bloggers. Goodnight!!


Puff Stitch Baby Blanket

Just finished my puff stitch baby blanket. Now I have to weave in the ends (I hate that part). I got the pattern from “Bright Layettes to Crochet” by Carole Prior. This was an easy work up. I didn’t make the blanket as long as the pattern called for so my blanket measures 44 by 36. It is still perfect to cover baby. I used a beautiful red and gray to match the car seat and stroller. I can’t wait to share a picture with you tomorrow. Tonight I have to finish my menu for the week and budget for the new year.

Official Looking Blog

I have been blogging (not consistently) for a year now.  Today I took the time to personalize my page and make it truly about me.  I am so excited to blog now.  I don’t know but personalizing the page just makes me want to blog more.  I have been inconsistent when it comes to sharing thoughts etc. and not nearly as excited as I was in the beginning.  I am hopeful that learning more about blogging and personalizing my page will help me along with become a more experienced blogger.  I hope that any blogger that has tips for me will.  I have also connected my blog to my artist facebook page, hoping that others will come and read what I share.  Happy blogging.

Christmas Day

I made it through the Holiday!!! I did not overspend or overextend. I didn’t succumb to holiday stress and accepted that I can only do what I can do. We opened gifts and now we are having brunch at Denny’s. Everyday that I walk with Christ, I get more and more joy. My blessings are not with riches or gold but with peace, joy, and happiness. I don’t freight over the past and things I can’t change. I rejoice and the bright joyous future that I know God has planned for me. I know that any trials that may come to me He will guide me through. The peace that comes knowing that allows me to walk in love!!! Be blessed everyone and remember the reason for the season!!!


It’s Christmas and I am so proud of myself. 11 years ago Christmas Day I found out my father went on to be with the Lord. Christmas up until that point was my favorite holiday right after my birthday of course. Every Christmas since then I have struggled with celebrating it for my children. I usually experience some form of depression and spend whole days in my bed. This Holiday season I have been up and at it. I even wrapped gifts. (Usually I hand the gifts to my neighbor and they come back pretty and labeled). God is so good, I have leaned on Him and spent time in His presence. It was tough but I made it. Be blessed!!!

Christmas Gifts

I love love love crochet but I hate this time of year. People think that crochet is seconds and complete. This craft is beautiful and takes time to create. You can’t tell me Christmas Eve that you need something by Christmas and expect me to complete it. My suggestion is get your list together for Christmas 2015 by March 2015. Then I can ensure you get your gifts by Christmas. That’s my PSA for crafters and craft fans.