Dr. Martin Luther King – My Thoughts

Black history and Martin Luther King Jr. Are almost synonymous. His major accomplishments involved fighting for the rights of blacks. So it is heart wrenching when I hear minorities hate other races (including white). Dr. Kings dream was that EVERYONE live together in peace. No hatred among any race (black, white, or green). I have biracial children (Latino and Black) and it amazes me how people speak badly of Hispanics at times. We are all humans and we all deserve respect. Then when we visited other Latin countries and even Puerto Rico there is a differentiation between light skin and dark skin (same ethnic background). That is amazing to me. I realize that the world is a step closer to Dr. Kings dream but we have a long long way to go.



My Long Cold Days

We got our first real snow this past Tuesday.  A snow that the weather man said would be a dusting and gone by noon.  My area got 4 inches so I guess the weather man is from Chicago or something because 4 inches in the DMV is not a dusting.  To top it all off the schools in our district opened on time (probably because they thought it was going to be a dusting too).  This was a hazard to the kids and out of the 11 years my kids have been in this school district I have never called the school board to complain.  I saw a teacher almost get hit by a school bus and I realized someone got it wrong.  Tuesday night our school’s superintendent apologized for putting our kids at risk by not at least opening late.  I question if that is enough.  Of course it is nice to see that they were smart enough to issue the apology but last year they got it wrong too.  There was a horrible ice storm in our area and they did not shut down.  On my way to drop my son off at school my car slipped and slid and in a two block radius I saw four car accidents.  At what point do we say this person is not making good decisions and may not be a good fit for our schools.  Will it take someone losing their life to a weather related accident trying to get kids to school or a kid on his/her way to school.  We received an apology last year too but I just feel that these apologies are not enough,  I have made a decision to become more involved to see what difference I can make and how I can help ensure that these mistakes/bad judgment calls are avoided.  My first step is attending the school board meetings.

Single Mom On Duty

Well I had been doing so well posting to my blog but today life started again.I am a single mom of three and grandma to twin 6 month old baby girls. I have always pushed for my children to stick together so my oldest son’s wrestling tournament (a two day event) is a family outing. So with that said let me give you a run down of my day. 5 AM wake up call so that I get to shower with hot water. 5:45 wake up my athlete to ensure he isn’t a funky offensive wrestler. Get him to the school by 6:30 AM for his 7:00 AM bus ride. Come back home and wake up my youngest son so that he can shower dress and eat. I let him know to wake up my oldest when he gets out of the shower (this gives me nap time). After everyone is dressed and ready get out the door because in a perfect world we’d be able to go straight to the gym but my world is far from perfect. So we have to stop to get gas, formula, and snacks (grocery store didn’t have sandwiches ready so the formula and snacks stop weren’t combined as planned). We arrived 37 minutes after the start to standing room only with two car seats (with heavy babies in them). We trudged through the crowd and found seats just in time to see my oldest son’s first match (a win!!!). We get settled and enjoy the next matches only to find that my son’s next match is in a matchbox room off of the gym (really). Now I have to stalk people to see if they are moving to find space for my tribe. No easy task but mission accomplished!!! We get to see my son’s second match (yet another victory). But we are all exhausted now. We have been at the match from 10:37 and it is now 4:05 PM. Now my son is Captain of his wrestling team and of that I am proud. However, the captain stays with the ship (told you no perfect world here). See other wrestlers get to leave when the team is done with their parents. My son must stay 😭. He has to leave with the team who has to wait for varsity who has not even started their last match. So I figure I can knock out some errands while I wait for the bus you know Walmart, grocery store, sneak in some Michael’s yarn shopping. Not realizing today is back to work day!! The bus gets caught in rush hour traffic arriving back at the school after 6:30 PM. I get to come home heat up leftovers, still do light housework and work a little on my projects. I went through this whole story to say I don’t have a finished product for my post. I got to start two today but finished none. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope to have a completed project to show you!!! In the meantime pray for me I don’t know if I am coming or going I am so tired!