How To Get Away With Murder

Last night Cicely Tyson guest starred on one of my favorite show “How To Get Away With Murder”, and she played her part (as expected). I was blessed to be born and see my great grandmothers and to actually have retained a memory of them. I watched this show and listened to the infliction in her voice with mixed emotions (missing my grandmothers but elated that she nailed it). Now first and foremost I think Cicely Tyson is a great actress and an amazing talent, but there was something about her role last night that truly touched home. She played her part and I sure hope this isn’t her last appearance!!!


Crochet Orders

I made a lot of progress on my crochet orders yesterday. Of course I sacrificed not doing some chores but I got four hats done and started two scarves. Today no slacking on my chores though so my progress will decrease significantly.

Crochet Double Pom-Pom Hat

Ok I have been away for awhile (again). This blogging thing isn’t easy. However, I have to tell my fellow crocheters (if that’s a word) the double pompom hat is in. I have so many orders for that hat right now it’s crazy. I have to admit that I am loving the style myself. I made myself one after seeing it on the mannequin. The flip side is this is fun hat to make.