The Real Deal About Baltimore 

I literally live ten minutes from the mayhem that took place April 27th in Baltimore Maryland. It was a sad scene and yet I feel that it may bring about the reform that Baltimore so desperately needs.  For years Baltimore has had increased crime but none that got the attention of Natiomal media. From the “Stop Snitching” DVD to the correctional officers being impregnated by inmates. None of these very serious issues ever received attention but that of local media. Now the death of a person said to have been illegally arrested caused an uproar. This is a long time coming for Baltimore. The said truth is this is just the calm before the storm. Looking at the evidence those six officers will be acquited and there will more then likely be a sequel to the events of April 27th.  It’s like the officials in Baltimore have put a band aid on a bullet wound. Freddie Gray’s death will not result in  six convictions. The first problem is the charge that the officers were charged with. The situation as a whole do not fit the elements of that crime. Secondly and most importantly I believe that such a serious charge will bring on a lengthy court trial and officials are banking on that. Hoping the media will lose interest in Baltimore (since they never really had an interest in the place before. This lends to the information of the acquital not being passed on and segregating Baltimore’s issues back to just local media. It is unfortunate that the States Attorney made a hasty decision and will probably be the scapegoat for not resolving the issues. Furthermore. She will most likely be the one unemployed when all is said and done. I pray for Baltimore but I know we have not seen the worse yet. Prayers and blessings for Baltimore.


1 thought on “The Real Deal About Baltimore 

  1. Thank you for writing this. I think you are right – we’re definitely not going to see six convictions. Even if we did, it would not change anything. The arrests were essentially extraordinary offerings to the public. And the public can’t, won’t, respond in the same way every time the police get violent (which is often).

    I think you’re right that we’re not seeing the end of it, either. In fact, the problem with the police is so deeply embedded in American life that anything short of a revolution wont resolve it.

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