Homemade Febreze

Ok so I love Febreze!!!!! But my budget has been a negative Nancy and I cannot afford the whopping $4 a bottle (that I use up in one week). I have been online looking at recipes (testing each one). I hated the way extensive use of the online recipes caused. I figured out that the fabric softener after repeated use does build up. Ugh!!! So I eliminated that from my recipe and replaced it with the dollar store potpourri liquid (not the oil because that will be very messy). I used an old Febreze bottle (I had many to choose from). This recipe will cost you four dollars (all items come from the dollar store) for a two to three week supply. I basically cut my Febreze cost in half with this.

1/2 cup alcohol 

1/2 cup peroxide 

2 1/2 cups liquid potpourri 

2 tablespoons baking soda

Swirl (don’t shake) mixture and spray. Remember you should test areas before use to ensure that this mixture does not fade the color. You will need to swirl the mixture before every use. Remember that baking soda and peroxide have a volcano effect so don’t shake this mixture, bubbles aren’t what you want to be spraying. I hope you love this mixture as much as I do.


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