Destash progress

I have worked on three of my WIPs today and although I didn’t finish a skein I see major progress. I do have to add that I went through my stash for an accent color to match my wash cloths and God has a sense of humor. Out of the thousands (and I am not exaggerating) of skeins I have not one matched well with my wash cloth colors. So I had to search (three stores) for an accent color.  Thank God for the new mega-AC Moore. I found the perfect green and only one skein (if there had been more I might have taken two steps backwards instead of just one. Since I bought a skein of yarn I am keeping myself honest and adding that to my behind skein number so that puts me 29 skeins behind. Ugh that’s horrible but I am still digging!! I will survive this yarn addiction, the first step is admitting you have a problem.


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