Leftover Yarn

I absolutely hate throwing my leftover yarn away. A good friend of mines says that renders me a hoarder. I would much rather find uses for this leftover yarn and I think I have found my solution, cup cozis and a C2C blanket. Now the cup cozy uses minimal yarn and I will make as many of them as possible and then use the remnant for a C2C blanket. Now as much as I have crochet in my life I have never made a C2C blanket and it doesn’t look hard. We shall see how this works out.


4 thoughts on “Leftover Yarn

  1. Oh, this post couldn’t be more timely! I, too, have tons of leftover yarn and just discovered making doily patterns that can be turned into bowls or anything else round (or I’m sure square) to hold things. It’s like a new world has opened up. I call it the crochet renaissance.

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