I Hate This Part Right Here

loving doing my graph fans but I still hate weaving in the lose ends!!!


Skein 22

This has been a long time coming but finally finished a skein on this blanket. Love the finished product. Still have to add the border but this was my 22 skein. It already has a home with a little bundle of joy who has yet to make his grand entrance to earth but I am prayerful he will love his blanket none the less.

Skein 21

Traveling today and finally finished skein 21. It is the beginning of an adult sized mermaidtale afghan. I didn’t want to buy a pattern so I am tweaking the instructions from  

https://youtu.be/o0gVjc0TrFk .

I am hopeful that my end result will turn out ok, since I have frogged this twice so far.  Unfortunately I didn’t bring enough yarn to finish it this trip so it may be a couple of weeks before I can post the end result. I am using the crocodile stitch to give it a scaly affect. That stitch uses quite a bit of yarn but it also extends your work time. If it comes out as I have envisioned it is going to be beautiful.