Menu Monday Part 2

Monday dinner: Dollar Tree Baked Ziti (my own concoction): 

1 box ziti (Dollar Tree)

2 Jars spaghetti sauce (Dollar Tree)

1 packet of onion soup (Dollar Tree)

1/2 lb pepperoni (deli $2.00)

1 pack Italian cheese mix ($1.50)

Mix onion soup and sauce together. Chop up pepperoni in quarters (it just distributes better but you don’t have to). Pour uncooked ziti in baking dish mix in pepperoni and cheese, then pour on tomato sauce mixture. I had Texas Toast in the freezer and that will be served with the baked ziti.

Note: I don’t use Dollar Tree cheese because it does not melt (which is weird to me). The pepperoni at Dollar Tree is not a good buy either, your local deli usually has a cheap brand that is perfect.


Menu Monday Part 1

Ok given my new goal of buying a new house I had to get back to basics. No eating out and a strict menu and budget for the next 12 months. So Monday is my menu planning day. I was sick with a cold this weekend so I didn’t get to do my freezer inventory but I am doing a guesstimate on what’s in there to make my 7 day menu. Now my kids use to take their lunch but they prefer a hot meal and I prefer that they eat so it’s about $30 for them to eat at school for a week (money well spent for my sanity). Now I use to eat out at work 3 days a week and on average pay $14 a day (sad face). That has been nixed from my budget. I got me a mini crockpot and canned soup with crackers (this will also help me lose weight). Walgreens has Chunky 2 for $5 (which is not the best deal but I was there catching their $2.99 milk sale). I only eat a half a can a day (which is one actual serving). So all I have to plan for is dinners and weekend meals, yay!!! I am working on my menu and will post the results in a part 2 blogpost!!! See you soon.

Patapsco Flea Market 

Well my daughter talked me into going back to the flea market to sale our handmade items. I have to admit that we did well there in the past but it was a lot of drama. Now this place is like a weekend soap opera. A lot of gossip and shade (I have zero tolerance for both of them). Needless to say this is our second weekend there and it has already started. I have to remind my daughter to keep her mind on the money (because I think my daughter secretly strives off of drama). So this week I will give my contribution (no real motivation) and pray this endeavor doesn’t leave someone in a body bag.


Ok so this is a picture of the ruffle scarf completed. I had to buy another skein but since I am on a yarn buying diet I can only buy one skein to finish projects only. It still sucks because I have to figure out how to finish that skein after my project is done. I am going to see if it’s enough to add gloves to my set. Always open to any suggestions from the gifted people on this blog!!! 


What Are They Missing 

I often look at the children of today and know that as a child I was never this disrespectful and careless. When I ride public transportation I hear them speak to each other and they have no respect or regard for the surrounding adults. When I was growing up my biggest fear was that I’d be talking “grown” (my grandmother’s term) and someone that knew my parents would hear me and tell. Making my family or my parents child rearing skills look bad was like the ultimate sin. If I misbehaved with my mom or my dad I might get away with a tongue lashing but if I embarrassed them the punishment was going to be something close to capital punishment. I just wonder where those guidelines went? When did it become acceptable to be disrespectful to any and everyone? I often pray that my children are not one of the annoying ones that I encounter daily to and from work. I also wonder if they too have parents  at home saying the same prayers. I am hopeful that God will save our children even in their ignorance.

Book Review: The Digital Mom Handbook

I am really a novice at this blog thing and it sound a lot easier then it really is. So I checked out this book (title is in my heading) by Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla. Not sure if I found it helpful though. It speaks on finding your niche but I am everywhere. I have so much to juggle and want to talk about all of it. I am sure this book will help others but for me it wasn’t very good. It was however, inspiring because it gives a lot of success stories and pretty much gives some great publicity to blogs that have “made it”. As for me I am on to the next publication.