Menu Monday Part 1

Ok given my new goal of buying a new house I had to get back to basics. No eating out and a strict menu and budget for the next 12 months. So Monday is my menu planning day. I was sick with a cold this weekend so I didn’t get to do my freezer inventory but I am doing a guesstimate on what’s in there to make my 7 day menu. Now my kids use to take their lunch but they prefer a hot meal and I prefer that they eat so it’s about $30 for them to eat at school for a week (money well spent for my sanity). Now I use to eat out at work 3 days a week and on average pay $14 a day (sad face). That has been nixed from my budget. I got me a mini crockpot and canned soup with crackers (this will also help me lose weight). Walgreens has Chunky 2 for $5 (which is not the best deal but I was there catching their $2.99 milk sale). I only eat a half a can a day (which is one actual serving). So all I have to plan for is dinners and weekend meals, yay!!! I am working on my menu and will post the results in a part 2 blogpost!!! See you soon.


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