Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I am so excited that my daughter doesn’t want to work at the flea market anymore. I was plugging away to support her but praying she’d stop going. I am so ready to get into my blog and my Etsy page, the flea market was truly a distraction. I was so happy I went online today to check out my listings. I really have to take a photography class or something. My listings are definitely not up to par but a change is gone come!!! Standby for my progress.


Skein 40, 41, 42, and 43

Yay!!! Moving right along I finished three infinity scarves and half of a baby blue blanket. So happy I have been on top of my game with the yarn.  


The Purge

Ok so I had the bright idea of purging and rearranging my house. It was not well thought out, lol. My ultimate goal was to give the house a new look WITHOUT buying anything. So that was looking at alternative places that items could go and make them look nice in their new homes. It was a challenge because I found myself on the IKEA website looking at items. I did stick to my goal. I rearranged the furniture but have decided that I want to paint now. This to may also be a not so good idea. So far I have finished the livingroom and the dining room is almost done. I have my kitchen, my room, my youngest son’s room, and the dreaded basement. I wish I had magical powers and could blink things into the places I want them to be in. However, since I don’t I will continue to press on and hope that it all comes together before my relatives come for Turkey Day. 


I am so excited. I collect vintage patterns and a lot of them you won’t see online or in any magazines. I was blessed to have a friend that knows this and gave me a Woman’s Day article with hat patterns. I contacted Woman’s Day and they have given me the green light to do tutorials working through the pattern (I am doing a happy dance that would make my children angry). So this week I am going to be working on the hats to get a feel for which yarns I like best and how the finishedhats look. Next week I will be either posting a link to my tutorials or complaining about the road blocks that I have encountered.