50 % Off Today at Unique Thriftstores

I am super excite that today is the 50 % off sale at the Unique Thriftstores. I am a thrift store junky but recently I had to purge because of over crowding in my dresser and closer. The biggest issue was I had a lot of mismatched items. After my purge I realized that I didn’t have a few things but in my true frugal nature I could only get them at a sale price.  So today I have my list all ready and I get to hit up the thrift store on my adventure. My son has his first wrestling tournament this morning (bittersweet feelings). I am excited to go cheer him on but disappointed this will delay my shopping trip.

When a Sale Is Not A Sale

Craft stores often offer weekly coupons with 40 to 60 percent off of regular price (I love these coupons to buy my yarn). So when I see yarn sales that are 4 for $10 I have to make sure it’s worth it. Today yarn that is regularly priced $2.99 was on sale 4 for $10 (not a sale)!!! That’s only .49 off of each skein.  No sale for me (I use my under a dollar coupons only at double coupon stores or when an item is on sale. I don’t want to say it’s not worth it because the ultimate goal is to avoid full paying full price but I have to really need something before I use an under a dollar coupon (again if you need it and you have a coupon buy it).  I also compare generic to name brand. There are certain things that I just don’t like the generic version of some of the sugary cereals and Nutra Grain bars are two that I can think of off the top of my head.  Laundry detergent is another I prefer Tide (but I do use the Dollar Tree detergent instead of Clorox 2). Bleach is another item I won’t buy generic bleach because it yellows my whites faster than Clorox. I will try to work on a blog with my preferences that may be helpful to readers.

Scrapbook Night 

My daughter had an exceptionally bad year in 2015. I would always ask her what could make her take her mind off of the bad and focus on something good. I explained to her that crochet is my escape, how I relax and keep my sanity. After brainstorming she told me that crochet wasn’t her thing but she’d like to try scrap booking (yay!!! a hobby). So today we had our date. We got a scrapbook, some stickers, cute paper for bordering our pictures, ink for the printer, and snacks. The printer was a major problem and I kept my cool and we went to Walgreens to print out pics (it was less stressful than trying to figure out how to make that printer work). I am on a struck budget so .39 a picture was kind of steep for me. I still had to finish my chores and time is money so I had no choice but to fork over the money for six pictures. Now my to do list includes finding picture deals tomorrow (never again).  My daughter was very impressed at my sale logic (since every sale is not a sale). Ultimately we got our pictures and made a beautiful scrapbook page, she is much more creative than I am and she seemed very relaxed making keepsakes. My son has asked to join us in our next session (I think we may be on to something). 



Pizza Night 

Although I am trying to stop eating out some nights I am just too tired to cook. I love the Little Ceasars pizza deals the definitely make life easier. Tonight is one of the nights I can thank them for their $5 pizzas. We had out of town family visit and my energy is on zero. I have found a little pizza goes a long way and is the cheapest eat out option. 

Financial Goals 

I have recently made it a priority to get out of debt. 2016 is my goal year to become virtually debt free. This comes at a hefty price though. I am a shopper and although I am frugal cheap unnecessary items are still unnecessary. These next four month are milestone months for my budget (namely because there is minimal money in my play money fund). It is really hard to go to work daily and not treat yourself to even frugal items. However, I have to keep my eyes on the prize. I did the math and realized that I am giving a lot of money away in the form of interest and fees to bill collectors and that’s not okay for me. So my spending fast begins now. Wish me luck and pray for me!!! Operation financial freedom and prosperity in full effect. Photo courtesy Slate.com.

Hello and Happy New Year 

Hello and sorry I have been M.I.A. but I have been knocking out crochet projects for my ETSY page (yay me). I am so excited about the New Year!!! Well I am having the traditional green, pork, and black eyed peas for dinner today so I don’t have a recipe that I am trying today (but have no fear tomorrow is a new day). I have big plans for my blog this year. If I haven’t said it before I am a happily single mom, crafter, full-time government employee, Navy veteran, entrepreneur, and a happy homemaker. Whew that’s a lot of hats and I love each one of them. I can spread myself thin at times but I am hoping that successful blogger will be my next title!!! I have taken quite an interest in blogs on WordPress and I have to say that some have been very helpful  Daniella Joes Blog has been one of my favorites to read (Check her out).  For my budget/financial information How to $tuff Your Pig is priceless.  So onward to 2016 with many blessings and miracles.