Hello and Happy New Year 

Hello and sorry I have been M.I.A. but I have been knocking out crochet projects for my ETSY page (yay me). I am so excited about the New Year!!! Well I am having the traditional green, pork, and black eyed peas for dinner today so I don’t have a recipe that I am trying today (but have no fear tomorrow is a new day). I have big plans for my blog this year. If I haven’t said it before I am a happily single mom, crafter, full-time government employee, Navy veteran, entrepreneur, and a happy homemaker. Whew that’s a lot of hats and I love each one of them. I can spread myself thin at times but I am hoping that successful blogger will be my next title!!! I have taken quite an interest in blogs on WordPress and I have to say that some have been very helpful  Daniella Joes Blog has been one of my favorites to read (Check her out).  For my budget/financial information How to $tuff Your Pig is priceless.  So onward to 2016 with many blessings and miracles.


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