Turmeric Part 2

Ok I wanted to experiment with the turmeric and mixing it with different items to make my mask. I have to say I love, love, love the changes it has made, in a short time, in my complexion. Initially I made a mix that would not require refrigeration (honey, lemon juice, turmeric, and a few drops of tea tree oil). This scrub was ok, but my next mask proved to be the truth (turmeric and yogurt). I love the results from using those 2 simple ingredients. Now I am considering combining the two (leaving out the tea tree oil). Most websites I researched also suggested using chickpea flour with the turmeric as well. I haven’t picked any up yet but I plan on adding that as well. I don’t use any specific measurements but I add the turmeric to my yogurt  (I use greek) until it has a sandy/gritty texture. I let the mixture stay on a minimum of 30 minutes  (most of the time longer). My results were amazing.


Check out my glow.


Turmeric Update

My mask worked. I had one problem area acne breakout on my face last night and I treated it with my concoction (see prior post). When I woke up this morning it wasn’t irritated like yesterday, now I can still feel it but it is noticeably improved. I also wanted to say that my hand does still have a slight yellowish tint. I don’t feel like it is major but I did notice it. I also don’t feel like someone would notice this if I don’t point it out.

Turmeric PART 2

  • Turmeric (curcuma longa) is a spice used in curry dishes. It has wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a natural antiseptic. Kasturi turmeric (curcuma aromatica) is a non-staining but inedible type of turmeric that has the same properties (this form of turmeric is very hard to find and I only found it on the internet). 

Turmeric Update

Ok so I have been researching turmeric (realized that I have been misspelling it) and skin therapy. My findings say this stuff is a wonder drug for skin problems and it is even being researched to treat cancer(amazing). Now it has properties that treat cracked heels (foot bonus), dandruff, and hair loss (but that’s another post). For skin it has been shown to work as an anti-aging formula. The suggestion is to mix the turmeric with milk/yogurt and apply as a mask before bathing. Let the mixture dry and wash off with warm water (using a circular motion) WITHOUT using any soaps or body washes (who knew). Now I have yet to try this but tonight I made my own concoction because it is also good to treat acne and oily skin. In my mixture I used lemon juice, honey, turmeric, and a few drops of tea tree oil. I have dark marks and I am currently suffering from a small breakout (women issues). I made the mixture a runny paste consistency (only using a few drops of the tea tree oil at the end). This stuff is orange in color and can be very messy. When I applied it the color on my nail changed. I am letting my mask stay on for 30 minutes but I have watched YouTube videos where people have slept with the mask on. It is far to messy for me to do that. I did watch a video where a woman was treating her sun damaged skin with it. I plan to have another article strictly for the different masks you can make to treat your skin with the turmeric but know it takes at least a month of use to truly see results (with dark spots or the like. Now as an acne treatment it apparently works almost instantly (we shall see). Another benefit is it improves skins elasticity so that helps also with the aging process of skin. Don’t worry about it staining your skin because even fair skinned people made videos on YouTube and it didn’t appear to dye them orange/yellow. When I washed my hands it came right off. Well my 30 minutes is up but I plan to apply the mixture to my one major problem area and cover it with a band aid till morning so it gets extra special attention. I will update you tomorrow!!!

Turmeric Part 1 – Skin Therapy 

Today I started my research on turmeric. When I began researching natural skin care it kept popping up. I was amazed because I had never heard of turmeric for skin care. Today I discovered amazing things about its use and I have to say I am impressed. It has been used for acne, age spots, sun damage, and the list goes on. I am working on part 2 tonight and will have all my findings ready tomorrow!! Stay tuned (to be continued). [photo courtesy fitlife.tv]


New Adventures 

Hello beautiful people of WordPress!!! I have been MIA but for good reason. I have been working my fingers to the bone crocheting (and loving it). Through it all I have also been researching more natural living. I just came from the library and I plan on doing some blogs on all natural ways to care for the body and hair. I also signed up for a sewing class that I am super excited about. I love home making and all things domestic (I never thought I would). Please bare with my blog it will only get better (I promise).