Step 1 continues

Well I recently had my basement waterproofed. It was a blessing and a curse. I had to move everything off the walls so that the workers could complete the work. Now my basement has been a dumping grounds for the 12 plus years I have been in my home. None the less two of my uncles came to help me move everything to the middle of the room. In doing this I realized how huge my basement is. The work is done and instead of moving everything back as it was before I am purging and organizing. I have so much yarn that I need to be banned from yarn buying for at least a few years  (that will never happen). Today I started on my books and I realized I have books that are currently on my Amazon wish list. I thought that was hilarious. I know once I get everything organized I will be living my best life.



I have decided to start working on my goals and beginning with organization. I have decided to get all my patterns together first (it is easier than organizing the yarn). I have also decided to list one completed item out of my stash on Etsy every day. I am hoping that this will kick start my motivation.


I have been M.I.A. mostly because I have been lazy. I have gotten complacent and because I am in a good place in my life I have become content. Well yesterday was my birthday and I realized that, although I have accomplished some things I missed giving other things any effort. I had to give myself the pep talk that I would give my kids. Neglecting my blog and my crochet business is unacceptable. So to anyone who follows my blog I promise to make an effort to get at least one blog post a day. Please keep me in prayer that I reach my goals.