Old Habits Die Young

In purging I learned a lot about myself. I honestly didn’t realize how much stuff I had and that made it so much easier to buy more stuff. It was as simple as taking inventory to realize I had more then enough. When I put a number to my piles (organized piles is what I liked to call them) it made it easier to stop adding to them. I changed tge way I was cleaning and started to work in categories. I started with books and realized I had over 300 (my mini library). Now I love the book section at the thrift store but even being an avid reader that’s just to many. If I had cleaned up my old way I would still be buying books. I would put them away neatly and continue business as usual. Now I am still working on my yarn addiction, because I know my yarn collection is ridiculous but I honestly can’t control myself  (pray for me). I am moving on to my clothes now. I  have to inventory my clothes and purge items that are closet cute. You know the things you love on the hangar/rack but they never seem to look quite right with anything you have. I literally have a shirt that I splurged on (spent $40 brand new) and I never seem to put an outfit together with it (it’s painful to donate it because I rarely buy new and I never spend that much when I do). That shirt is wasting space and I have to let it go. Long story short (might be too late for that) the category organizing method is truly working for me. Now on to the next category. God speed #kathiscreations.

Shopping Just Isn’t The Same

Well this weekend I went on a thrift store shopping extravaganza with my uncle and my mom.  For some reason this shopping experience was different.  See my favorite spots are the book section and the yarn section (or the clothing and the shoe sections).  Since I have taken inventory I realize that I don’t need nor do I have room for any more items in my house.  I did find a bluetooth keyboard that was only $2.99 to help make my laptop become more useful in this endeavour to get organized and get my crochet/craft business off the ground.  I was really proud of myself (oh I did splurge on some $1.50 waterproof house shoes).  I saw things that normally I would have compulsively bought but had horrible buyers remorse (while trying to find a place for it in my home). I walked out feeling a sense of success, “I win”.  I also finished an audio book (allowing me to purge a book from my basement library).  I am so excited about this new chapter in my life and I look forward to getting more done with the time management and organization skills I am developing (not saying I didn’t have them before but I am tweaking them if you will).  I feel like I could be accomplishing more and I am determined to find a way.




Step One Done

Ok, I just finished organizing my books and realized I have a mini-library going on. Over 400 books and I have taken the liberty of creating a spreadsheet. I am a reader and now I have to get myself on a schedule to try to reduce this amount. Initially I was thinking one book a week but at this point I need to wake up with a book on my nose. I am checking to see if the library has some of the books and I can purge those titles. I also love audio books and I can get an audio book finished in 2 to three days easily. I also startes a book swap group on Facebook  (although I don’t want to swap just purge). I am hopeful I can get my collection down to one bookshelf by New Years (pray for me).  The biggest accomplishment is that I cannot buy anymore books!!

My Crochet Business

I have been diligently working on finishing up projects and using up yarn. Today I got a bright idea to treat my Crochet Business like a part-time job. That means dedicating no less than 20 hours a week to it. So I worked up a schedule for a set amount of hours per day. Today was my first day on the

schedule and I am happy to say I finisged 4 skeins (yay me). I am hopeful that this new approach will help me become disciplined. In the mean time it will also help me be more successful selling the finished product.

Step One Update

I have found that I don’t work well organizing room by room. I was reading some different articles and I believe I would be more successful working in categories. I read an article http://paupertoprincess.com/kon-mari-method/ and it was very helpful. I have given myself 4 weeks and tomorrow I will break down the categories. I have been extremely frustrated with my progress so I pray this works.