My Crochet Business

I have been diligently working on finishing up projects and using up yarn. Today I got a bright idea to treat my Crochet Business like a part-time job. That means dedicating no less than 20 hours a week to it. So I worked up a schedule for a set amount of hours per day. Today was my first day on the

schedule and I am happy to say I finisged 4 skeins (yay me). I am hopeful that this new approach will help me become disciplined. In the mean time it will also help me be more successful selling the finished product.


8 thoughts on “My Crochet Business

  1. My husband is trying to talk me into selling things I make but I’ve only been at it a few months. I’m definitely not ready for that. Lol
    Good for you for setting a schedule! I’d have to do the same if I ever started to sell.

  2. What type of schedule do you create for yourself? I have a full time job that I often work 12hrs a day give or take. By the time I get home I’m either all for working on my projects orrrrrr staring off at the television. Any tips to balance this work/ work relationship to help my business grow?!
    Best of luck with your endeavors!

    • on days when I work I assign myself minimal time (usually two hours) but I commute to work and I work on crochet on my lunch so I can knock those hours out anytime as long as I knock them out. Any time in front of the TV is crochet time (usually easy projects that don’t require pattern reading). On days when I know I can stay up late I try to put in a minimum of 4 hours because I have already committed to the two hours and it usually isn’t too painful to dedicate another two. I treat it like a part-time job making myself allot twenty hours a week. I have found that once I assign/schedule those hours I am less likely to waist my lunch break socializing (which is tempting). I don’t allow others to get me off track because this is a dream for me and the extra money comes in handy and I know it can be better and depends on me.

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