Shopping Just Isn’t The Same

Well this weekend I went on a thrift store shopping extravaganza with my uncle and my mom.  For some reason this shopping experience was different.  See my favorite spots are the book section and the yarn section (or the clothing and the shoe sections).  Since I have taken inventory I realize that I don’t need nor do I have room for any more items in my house.  I did find a bluetooth keyboard that was only $2.99 to help make my laptop become more useful in this endeavour to get organized and get my crochet/craft business off the ground.  I was really proud of myself (oh I did splurge on some $1.50 waterproof house shoes).  I saw things that normally I would have compulsively bought but had horrible buyers remorse (while trying to find a place for it in my home). I walked out feeling a sense of success, “I win”.  I also finished an audio book (allowing me to purge a book from my basement library).  I am so excited about this new chapter in my life and I look forward to getting more done with the time management and organization skills I am developing (not saying I didn’t have them before but I am tweaking them if you will).  I feel like I could be accomplishing more and I am determined to find a way.





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