Old Habits Die Young

In purging I learned a lot about myself. I honestly didn’t realize how much stuff I had and that made it so much easier to buy more stuff. It was as simple as taking inventory to realize I had more then enough. When I put a number to my piles (organized piles is what I liked to call them) it made it easier to stop adding to them. I changed tge way I was cleaning and started to work in categories. I started with books and realized I had over 300 (my mini library). Now I love the book section at the thrift store but even being an avid reader that’s just to many. If I had cleaned up my old way I would still be buying books. I would put them away neatly and continue business as usual. Now I am still working on my yarn addiction, because I know my yarn collection is ridiculous but I honestly can’t control myself  (pray for me). I am moving on to my clothes now. I  have to inventory my clothes and purge items that are closet cute. You know the things you love on the hangar/rack but they never seem to look quite right with anything you have. I literally have a shirt that I splurged on (spent $40 brand new) and I never seem to put an outfit together with it (it’s painful to donate it because I rarely buy new and I never spend that much when I do). That shirt is wasting space and I have to let it go. Long story short (might be too late for that) the category organizing method is truly working for me. Now on to the next category. God speed #kathiscreations.


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