Nail Recovery

I work a lot with my hands so I like to see them pretty. Usually I like to keep acrylic or gel tips on because my nails grow so pretty and long. However, both are very unhealthy for my nails and leave them in their natural state weak, brittle, and peeling. Also I find that this method of maintaing my nails is very expensive. I am a nail biter as well so its hard to keep my fingers out of my mouth to give my nails a chance to grow. I have decided that I want to grow my natural nails out and give up on the tips, acrylic, and gel. I have come across a few great products to help me reach my goal. One product is the Nail Tek line. I got a kit from Sally’s beauty supply store and after two weeks my nails already feel much healthier. The base coat/filler also aids in keeping the polish on my natural nails much longer. The kit costs around $14.00 which is less than a fill on my fake nails. Now my second product of choice I also picked up at Sally’s for about $3 and is only necessary if you are a nail biter. It is called “Bite No More”, this stuff tastes horrible and reminds me to keep my fingers out of my mouth. I tried putting it on the very top but it was transferring to finger foods when I eat so now I put it under my top coat. This way I only taste it if I bite (and I avoid that at all costs). Last but not least I love my “Out The Door” top coat. It helps speed up the drying process and keeps my manicure looking fresh. On a side note I use to buy the cheaper polish (only when it went on sale for 99 cents). However, I have to admit that after polishing with OPI I am a fan. I picked up some discounted OPI polish at Gabes for $3.99 and it was love at first brush. It went on evenly and paired with the Nail Tek it gave my short nails a nice, neat, and professional look. Of course less is more because OPI is rather pricey I won’t be able to buy as much but I think it is well worth the budget. They aren’t where I want them yet, but like me they are a work in progress. I hope this article is helpful to someone else on a go natural nail kick. GODSPEED.


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