Nail Progress (Not Good)

Everytime I take my artificial nails off I swear I am done with them. Then I see all the pretty nail designs on the pretty long fake nails and I get weak. Now I am remembering why I had sworn off fake nails with all the damage they cause to your natural nails. My nails are so thin that they are literally peeling off. Thank God for the Nailtek strengthener formula because the pain of the peeling has been minimal. Unfortunately my natural nails don’t keep polish on 2 to 3 weeks like with the fake nails. However, with the Nailtek system I can go a little over a week with minimal touch ups before they get so bad I need a fresh manicure. I am also using the Nailtek cuticle oil (it came in the kit) to help keep my cuticles healthy through this process. I got some great tips from: 

Check her out, she also has some great tutorials on her Youtube channel. Godspeed.

This is what comes in the kit.


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