Why Wednesday (Chris Brown)

Ok, so I followed the Chris Brown saga because I keep praying for that young man.  I see him in a fight for his life for his daughter Royalty and clearly trying to stay out of the news but to no avail.  I am a tad bit confused about the circumstances that happened in front of his mansion though.  Now, I try not to have issues with police because some are not stand up citizens and I am of African American decent. However, as in anything there are good and bad.  So my thought process says if I limit my interaction with all police I limit the possibility I will run into a bad one. My concern is that usually if the police don’t witness something it is up to the person to file a complaint.  It has been my experience that calling the police is not enough to have an issue resolved.  My neighbor witnessed a kid vandalizing her vehicle and called the police.  She was able to describe him and point him out and the police basically told her there was nothing that he could do. So why is it that this (thief) is able to call the police and summons a whole swat team to Chris Brown’s house.  If I am throwing a party or just socializing with people and someone is admiring my expensive jewelry (but its more like sizing it up to take it) I would want to let that person know it won’t be an easy take.  Flashback moment, isn’t that how Sean Taylor was killed.  A female at a party he threw sized up what he had and returned with armed men to seize the loot.  Is it so far fetched that had Chris Brown not aggressively kicked this chick out this would have been his fate? One of his houses was just robbed not to long ago and it is rumored that the people were known to him.  I know that he isn’t suppose to have a weapon but he wasn’t the only person in the house and I am pretty sure the weapon was not licensed to him.  There were a number of people in the house with him and I don’t know who said what but the fact that he got arrested tells me he needs a whole new set of friends.  My friends would have been team Kathi all day (especially in a situation where someone was trying to take my items).  I continue to keep Chris Brown and prayer but I still don’t understand how such a talented young man continues to find himself in these crazy situations.