The Experience (Astrology)

Recently I attended a function at this spot called Flourish in Baltimore MD.  The name of the meeting was A Goddess Deserves a Temple. It was so deep and so in tuned with the universe.  In the meeting we discussed having a home where your energy could be positive.  Where there wouldn’t be chaos or negativity.  Now I pray and I read my bible and some Christians had me scared to explore Chakras and read things about Astrology.  However, after going to that meeting and going to a follow up meeting called The Astrology of Loving I felt new.  It was like that third eye opened.  I had to meditate on this during my prayer session with God and it was like I had a Eureka moment.  Why wouldn’t God want me to be curious of the stars and the moon and the soon and how they all affect my life.  God created these beautiful things for me to enjoy and embrace.  I started to think about how sometimes we get so caught up in the religion and we lose the relationship.  The relationship is the most important part of knowing God and His word.  I sat down today and finished reading the information about eh zodiac for my birthdate and my zodiac sign and I have to admit it was right on point.  Me to the T and it was even kind of scary that someone would know me just from my birthdate.  I have felt so in tuned with me since the meetings, it is like I am more in loved with me.  I can’t wait to share this new found joy with my loved one.


Freezer Friendly Meals

When you are making a dish consider if it can be frozen.  If so make a double dish and freeze it for a quick dish night.  This also works on stuff like pizza dough, tomato sauce (made from scratch), alfredo sauce, pretty much any sauces, and just get creative. Don’t freeze cabbage (trust me). 

New Year With New Goals (Well Not Really)

Every year we always start with the same goals (well most of us do). Save money, eat right, lose weight, blah blah blah.  Now these are awesome goals but without a plan you will start 2018 with the same goals. This is to help with the money saving. Step one get a budget!!!! But this post is not about budgeting (but its coming soon).  Meal planning saves money (trust me).  It costs me $40 to feed my family of 6 McDonalds (if I let everyone eat what they like off the menu).  Start your meal planning with meals/recipes your are familiar with and are easy for you to prepare.  Examples of easy is spaghetti, casseroles, chili, and a plethora of pasta.  Write it down or get it on your to do list (I am sure there is an app for this as well but I use my tablets memo section and alexa).  I suggest posting the menu on your fridge or in a notes section for the family to see. Everyone needs to be onboard (they can pull a meat out of the freezer to). Make your shopping list to. If your plan is for a week of meals you can coupon and grocery shop in one stop. If you plan on meal planning for 2 weeks or longer you should evaluate what will go bad and should wait for the day of or week of for purchase.  You can also plan meals around what is on sale at the grocery store. You could move stuff around on your menu if you are menu planning for monthly periods.  The more you can make from one ingredientt the better!!! Example is spaghetti, lasagna, and baked ziti  (all use sauce and you could use the same meat for it to). Some dishes could even be frozen for later the baked ziti and lasagna could be made the same night and frozen for later. Just pop the dish in the oven and dinner is served.  Save your menus and make sure you note recipes that didn’t do well or recipes that your family loved.  Remember that meal planning is not only budget friendly, it helps you eat healthy, and you can explore new recipes.  

Menu Monday – Stuffed Peppers

2 pounds ground meat (I used 1 lb ground turkey and 1 lb of sausage) [Cooked and seasoned]

1 family sized box of cajun rice (I used Zatarans)

1 pkg onion soup (I love this as a seasoning but this could easily be substituted with a broth of your choice. However, you would need to add chopped onions or onion salt/powder)

8 peppers (cut open at the top and deseeded) [freeze the trash part of your pepper for your veggie broth]

Now I browned my meat and seasoned it with salt, pepper, and soy sauce. I drained the meat (peppers will create a juice and if you don’t drain them it gets messy).

Then I added 1 package of onion soup and the amount of liquid necessary to cook the cajun rice. I added the cajun rice and cooked as directed on box. (You can add any veggies you decide to if you choose to. I added spinach)

Stuff your peppers and bake covered for 20-30 minutes.

Now for the whopping totals on cost $6 for meat ($4 for turkey $2 for sausage) onion soup $1, cajun rice $2.50, peppers $8, and spinach (optional) $1. Total $20.50 for 8 servings.

The Story Of Knives

I finally gave in and purchased a great set of knives. It has saved me many hours deboning meat and cutting harder veggies like squash and yams. I got mine at our local buy in bulk store (one of those stands they set up for a limited time). It was a great deal and it was worth it. The concern was proper care for my new knives (it was an imvestment). So I did some research (I just love learning). Well I learned that its important to store knives properly (not in a drawer because it can dull and knick knives). A magnetic rack or choppimg block is best. I also found a sharpener at my local thriftstore that allows me to sharpen my knives as necessary (but that is a future blog post).