Meal Planning Again

I speak on this so much because it saves me so much money. My family and I are getting bored with the same old recipes so I opened some of my cookbooks to get some ideas on new stuff. I was amazed at the information in one of my thriftstore treasure books “Good Housekeeping Cooking for the Family.” It gave some really good guidelines on how to plan a meal and be nutritious at the same time. This book is easily an antique but helpful none the less. As I read through the recipes it amazed me how well meals were planned out and I think of how much time had to be spent in the kitchen. Now I have every gadget known to man in the kitchen and sometimes big meals are still an evolution. I can’t imagine cooking up some of the more complex meals without the help of my kitchen gadgets yet that was the norm. It also boggles my brain that with all the tools of the trade available, home cooked meals seem to be endangered. Stay tuned for more of my meal planning tips, I can’t wait to share.

Living On Less

I love saving money. I especially love diy projects that save me money. I hate feeling like something is going to waste (but I am not a hoarder). So I have a fruit bowl on my table and every week I add a new fruit. This week it was grapefruit (trying to speed up the metabolism). I decided I wanted to find a way to use the leftover rinds, and I got a bright idea to make a scrub. So I will grate the rinds and add sugar, honey, and coconut oil for a great bathtime exfoliater that I am sure will smell delicious.  I will have a follow up post after I play with the recipe.