Authority – Abuse 

Nothing upsets me more then when someone abuses their authority.  I often struggle with how someone who is entrusted with a position of authority uses it as if it is a weapon. I look at the current state of America and see how this abuse of authority is like a cancer. One really prevalent example is our current president.  However, he is setting the tone and it isn’t pretty.  Police officers are another example of people who are abusing their authority. IRS authorities and even judges are abusing their authority. These are positions that are suppose to be trusted (well as much as you can trust a politician when discussing the president). I makes these statements but of course I have to give examples to support my position. The president bombs Syria, knowing that America is not prepared for the chemical warfare that comes with truly going to war with Syria. Meanwhile, Flint Michigan still has toxic water. There has been minimal effort to fix the problem (and Flint is not the only place with this issue). Not even that there is no effort to resolve the problem, no one is being held accountable for why this issue has become so toxic. Now on to the police (I don’t even know where to begin). I get tired of reading articles about police corruption, police running prostitution rings, police fondling people, etc. What is missing in the process that evaluates a person entrusted to uphold the law? For many years I have watched as judges use their position to wrongfully incarcerate people using personal opinions instead of laws to sentence people.  I am not sure if it has worsened or if the surronding instances of abuse of authority just make it more noticeable.  One other group that I forgot to mention earlier are teachers.  Teachers have a special kind of trust because they are trusted with our children (in other words our future).  I have often wondered why it is more acceptable when a female teacher violates a child then when a male teacher does so. Either way it sickens me. How can we weed out the pedophiles and child abusers before they entrusted with our youth?  Not sure if with an administration in office like the one we have now that anything will get better anytime soon.  The press secretary’s behavior during press conferences is comparable to dealing with a two year olds temper tantrum. Please help me find the sanity.


Athletes Foot Remedy 

Anyone who has ever experienced Athletes Foot knows it is annoying and itchy. Athletes Foot can also get stinky. But preventative measures are much better than treatment. So cheap solution drop a few drops of tea tree oil in a small jar of Vaseline (10 was my magic number). Now I don’t have athletes foot but made it for a friend that swears by it. I actually used this after having surgery to moisturize my skin with minimal additives. I have continued to use it to avoid dry cracking skin. I am sure the Vaseline could be subbed with coconut oil for an even better moisturizer.