Staying Faithful

This year is starting off very rough for me. I experienced the loss of two very close family members in one month of each other. I have been struggling with my faith and in the past I would take a faith break. However, this time has been different. I have been spending more time in prayer. It has been random throughout my day. Sometimes my prayers are simple “Jesus cover me” “Jesus comfort me” “Jesus help me”. Everytime I feel weak or ready to give up I am reminded of the testimony God has allowed me to live through and share. I know that even in this troubling period in my life God is protecting me. I have conversed with God and explained that, although He won’t give you more thsn you can bare, I think He has overedtimated my strength. Than it hits me, pray, you don’t have to bare this alone. Often times people assume that because things are not going well in your life, you are being punished. I have learned that couldn’t be ghe furtherest from the truth. The rough times helps you appreciate the good times. Surviving the rough times shows you how strong you really are. I am believing God for all the blessings He has for me. His word says these blessings are more than what we request. I am believing in His word and I know this valley is only for a moment. I am filled with excitement knowing that there is a beautiful blessing with my name on it. So for now I will pray myself through this sorrow.


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