Wellness Wednesday

The photo is courtesy the art of living

I am currently learning how to truly meditate. I suffer from insomnia. Meditating has helped me to gradually increase my hours of sleep. I have been exploring different tutorials on how to meditate. Now I have to admit some of the meditation music is not my cup of tea. As I research more I am hoping to share it. If meditation is not for you, ensure that you do something special for yourself.

Money Making Monday

(Picture courtesy The Simple Dollar)

I know it can be discouraging when we have money issues and run into money roadblocks. But only you can change your money situation and this may require hardwork and sacrifice. The first step to changing your money situation is to educate yourself about money. Since we can’t all be Trumps, Kardashians, and Hiltons we have to start somewhere. Start with where you are keeping your money and checking your pay stubs EVERY PAYDAY!!! Yes, everyone makes mistakes and payroll employees are not an exception. Also check your bank account for duplicate charges and banking errors. Shop around for banking accounts and discounts!!! Be loyal to your spouse not a financial institution. If you have outgrown what a bank offers you it is okay to move on. Look for bank accounts that pay you back or have rewards programs (they come in handy). Read up on personal finances and keep yourself informed. A 5 minutes personal finances article a week goes a long way.