What Are They Missing 

I often look at the children of today and know that as a child I was never this disrespectful and careless. When I ride public transportation I hear them speak to each other and they have no respect or regard for the surrounding adults. When I was growing up my biggest fear was that I’d be talking “grown” (my grandmother’s term) and someone that knew my parents would hear me and tell. Making my family or my parents child rearing skills look bad was like the ultimate sin. If I misbehaved with my mom or my dad I might get away with a tongue lashing but if I embarrassed them the punishment was going to be something close to capital punishment. I just wonder where those guidelines went? When did it become acceptable to be disrespectful to any and everyone? I often pray that my children are not one of the annoying ones that I encounter daily to and from work. I also wonder if they too have parents  at home saying the same prayers. I am hopeful that God will save our children even in their ignorance.


Skein 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, & 36

Ok I have been MIA but I have been a busy bee. I have a crop grey and blue shrug that I love. The pattern works up quick (a day and a half per shrug). A breast cancer awareness scarf also a quick work up and a very mobile pattern. Last but not least a breast cancer awareness full sized shrug. The best thing about all of these patterns is that they were FREE!! I love free. I have a few more projects in the works for breast cancer awareness month.  Standby I am on a roll. Planning on putting my items on ETSY this weekend.  Excuse my yarn strings but I am still weaving in the ends.


How To Get Away With Murder

Last night Cicely Tyson guest starred on one of my favorite show “How To Get Away With Murder”, and she played her part (as expected). I was blessed to be born and see my great grandmothers and to actually have retained a memory of them. I watched this show and listened to the infliction in her voice with mixed emotions (missing my grandmothers but elated that she nailed it). Now first and foremost I think Cicely Tyson is a great actress and an amazing talent, but there was something about her role last night that truly touched home. She played her part and I sure hope this isn’t her last appearance!!!

Single Mom On Duty

Well I had been doing so well posting to my blog but today life started again.I am a single mom of three and grandma to twin 6 month old baby girls. I have always pushed for my children to stick together so my oldest son’s wrestling tournament (a two day event) is a family outing. So with that said let me give you a run down of my day. 5 AM wake up call so that I get to shower with hot water. 5:45 wake up my athlete to ensure he isn’t a funky offensive wrestler. Get him to the school by 6:30 AM for his 7:00 AM bus ride. Come back home and wake up my youngest son so that he can shower dress and eat. I let him know to wake up my oldest when he gets out of the shower (this gives me nap time). After everyone is dressed and ready get out the door because in a perfect world we’d be able to go straight to the gym but my world is far from perfect. So we have to stop to get gas, formula, and snacks (grocery store didn’t have sandwiches ready so the formula and snacks stop weren’t combined as planned). We arrived 37 minutes after the start to standing room only with two car seats (with heavy babies in them). We trudged through the crowd and found seats just in time to see my oldest son’s first match (a win!!!). We get settled and enjoy the next matches only to find that my son’s next match is in a matchbox room off of the gym (really). Now I have to stalk people to see if they are moving to find space for my tribe. No easy task but mission accomplished!!! We get to see my son’s second match (yet another victory). But we are all exhausted now. We have been at the match from 10:37 and it is now 4:05 PM. Now my son is Captain of his wrestling team and of that I am proud. However, the captain stays with the ship (told you no perfect world here). See other wrestlers get to leave when the team is done with their parents. My son must stay 😭. He has to leave with the team who has to wait for varsity who has not even started their last match. So I figure I can knock out some errands while I wait for the bus you know Walmart, grocery store, sneak in some Michael’s yarn shopping. Not realizing today is back to work day!! The bus gets caught in rush hour traffic arriving back at the school after 6:30 PM. I get to come home heat up leftovers, still do light housework and work a little on my projects. I went through this whole story to say I don’t have a finished product for my post. I got to start two today but finished none. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope to have a completed project to show you!!! In the meantime pray for me I don’t know if I am coming or going I am so tired!

Bath and Bodyworks Sale

Ok everyone before Christmas I went to Bath and Bodyworks looking for their Christmas sale prices, I got nothing! The only sale they had were the buy three get three free. Not good, one bottle is $14 and I am just not willing to pay $7 a bottle for their sprays. Now I have to admit I save a lot of money not using their lotions and shower gels. I go with a bargain brand body wash (I use Ivory $.98 at Wally World). For lotions I use CVS or Wally World intense moisturizing lotion unless I catch a clearance price on a good brand. I will do another post to tell you how to soup up you lotion if you have an oops and by lotion that simply does not work. Back to Bath and Bodyworks, now after Christmas they are having a mega sale (so glad I waited) old fragrances and seasonal are on sale for $3.60. I am stocking up on next years Christmas gifts. Also if you have any Aeropostale fans they have $5 shirts that also make great gifts, these shirts were originally $29.95 (absurd). Hollister didn’t have any deals to write home about $20 jeans is way over my budget. I am a thrift store shopping queen and I have Hollister jeans I paid $4 for and that is the only reason I have them. I did get to the thrift store for the 50% off last Saturday of the month. I will post pictures of what I got and my grand total later. Happy Monday!!!

Ray Rice!!!!

I have got to give my opinion on this among the masses. Our society has lost their minds to say that his behavior is acceptable if his then girlfriend (now wife) is ok with it and forgives him. Let’s be clear she is an idiot period, point blank. There is no way that they had effective counseling in a matter of months that would help them. Furthermore, from that video that looks like status quo in their home. Now the main issues is this is not about Ray Rice or his wife. The issue is his position as a NFL player with plenty of press. If police, military, and even actors are losing their jobs for convictions of domestic violence why would he be immune? He even walks away with 22 million. Now I don’t propose a lifetime band but I do propose a consequence for the unacceptable behavior and lack of judgment he exhibited. For all of the selfish Ravens fans and special people who think a two game suspension is enough, the NFL got this one right!!!

My Lent Experience

I participated in lent this year. I have a lot of things that I could give up but I chose ALL social media. My motivation came from an episode of Dr. Oz that said people who live without social media are happier. I figured why not try it. I am not addicted and I can honestly say that I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, or instagram on a regular basis. So with that said I figured this should be fairly easy. But I did miss seeing family post and finding out about the happenings going on. I didn’t miss those people who tell too much online and the latest on Jay Z & Beyonce or Kanye & Kim. I had to constantly remind friends and family that if they want me to know something mass communication via social media won’t work. It was nice for people to have to make a personal effort to include me and that I had to do the same. I am planning a baby shower and I asked friends for their address so I can send invitations. They thought I was crazy saying “why not use evites?”. The evites are quicker and cheap. I personally feel that the blessing and the curse live in the use of internet. We have definitely lost that personal touch that made some feel special. Now I am not saying I am ready to walk away from cyberspace communication but I am saying that I am going to make a conscious effort to reach out in other ways. Life is to short not to make the effort to make others feel special, especially if they are special to you.