Recipe Book Purge

I am over the massive amounts of cookbooks (especially since I go to the internet for most things). So now I am going through all of my recipe books and see if there is anything that I just have to cook (so not in the house maker mood). Here is my first destash. I will be making it available for free local pickup as soon as I am done.


My Bullet Journal

Well I was curious what that is so I googled it (google is my friend). Apparently there is a name for the unorganized planner (me, me, and I). Its a bullet journal!! I was super excited because all these years I have felt like a total failure. I buy the fancy calendar planners with all the cute tabs and sections and by February it is an expensive coaster or I am writing on pages in October. Ultimately I would revert back to uaing my Dollar Tree notepad (or now known as my bullet journal). I know it is something small but I found so much joy in learning about the bullet journal, I had to share. Failure no more.