Menu Monday – Stuffed Peppers

2 pounds ground meat (I used 1 lb ground turkey and 1 lb of sausage) [Cooked and seasoned]

1 family sized box of cajun rice (I used Zatarans)

1 pkg onion soup (I love this as a seasoning but this could easily be substituted with a broth of your choice. However, you would need to add chopped onions or onion salt/powder)

8 peppers (cut open at the top and deseeded) [freeze the trash part of your pepper for your veggie broth]

Now I browned my meat and seasoned it with salt, pepper, and soy sauce. I drained the meat (peppers will create a juice and if you don’t drain them it gets messy).

Then I added 1 package of onion soup and the amount of liquid necessary to cook the cajun rice. I added the cajun rice and cooked as directed on box. (You can add any veggies you decide to if you choose to. I added spinach)

Stuff your peppers and bake covered for 20-30 minutes.

Now for the whopping totals on cost $6 for meat ($4 for turkey $2 for sausage) onion soup $1, cajun rice $2.50, peppers $8, and spinach (optional) $1. Total $20.50 for 8 servings.

The Story Of Knives

I finally gave in and purchased a great set of knives. It has saved me many hours deboning meat and cutting harder veggies like squash and yams. I got mine at our local buy in bulk store (one of those stands they set up for a limited time). It was a great deal and it was worth it. The concern was proper care for my new knives (it was an imvestment). So I did some research (I just love learning). Well I learned that its important to store knives properly (not in a drawer because it can dull and knick knives). A magnetic rack or choppimg block is best. I also found a sharpener at my local thriftstore that allows me to sharpen my knives as necessary (but that is a future blog post).

My Yarn Addition

I am so proud of myself. I haven’t bought a skein of yarn in 2017 (Yay me!). I am planning on moving this year closer to my family and hopefully one step closer to my dream house.  I have made a decision to purge and my yarn collection is embarrassing (it is borderline a need for an episode of Hoarders).  I have been diligently working on projects in hopes to diminish my stash before my move (if I don’t it is going to take one U-Haul trip for yarn alone).  I have made a conscious decision to budget what I spend on yarn.  This is hard for me so please pray I keep it up.