My Long Cold Days

We got our first real snow this past Tuesday.  A snow that the weather man said would be a dusting and gone by noon.  My area got 4 inches so I guess the weather man is from Chicago or something because 4 inches in the DMV is not a dusting.  To top it all off the schools in our district opened on time (probably because they thought it was going to be a dusting too).  This was a hazard to the kids and out of the 11 years my kids have been in this school district I have never called the school board to complain.  I saw a teacher almost get hit by a school bus and I realized someone got it wrong.  Tuesday night our school’s superintendent apologized for putting our kids at risk by not at least opening late.  I question if that is enough.  Of course it is nice to see that they were smart enough to issue the apology but last year they got it wrong too.  There was a horrible ice storm in our area and they did not shut down.  On my way to drop my son off at school my car slipped and slid and in a two block radius I saw four car accidents.  At what point do we say this person is not making good decisions and may not be a good fit for our schools.  Will it take someone losing their life to a weather related accident trying to get kids to school or a kid on his/her way to school.  We received an apology last year too but I just feel that these apologies are not enough,  I have made a decision to become more involved to see what difference I can make and how I can help ensure that these mistakes/bad judgment calls are avoided.  My first step is attending the school board meetings.


Ray Rice!!!!

I have got to give my opinion on this among the masses. Our society has lost their minds to say that his behavior is acceptable if his then girlfriend (now wife) is ok with it and forgives him. Let’s be clear she is an idiot period, point blank. There is no way that they had effective counseling in a matter of months that would help them. Furthermore, from that video that looks like status quo in their home. Now the main issues is this is not about Ray Rice or his wife. The issue is his position as a NFL player with plenty of press. If police, military, and even actors are losing their jobs for convictions of domestic violence why would he be immune? He even walks away with 22 million. Now I don’t propose a lifetime band but I do propose a consequence for the unacceptable behavior and lack of judgment he exhibited. For all of the selfish Ravens fans and special people who think a two game suspension is enough, the NFL got this one right!!!