Etsy Page Goals

I have been planning on updsting my Etsy page but I could never get it together. However, now I have been doing well with the social media marketing. Now I have to work on this blog. Lord please help me. I struggle with what to say and topics to write about. I have a lot in my head but it never comes together on the blog. So tonight I will just rejoice in being able to keep up with my Etsy shop and I have posted 1 blog post a day, everyday for 2018. Stay tuned it will get better. #kathiscreations


Book Review: The Digital Mom Handbook

I am really a novice at this blog thing and it sound a lot easier then it really is. So I checked out this book (title is in my heading) by Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla. Not sure if I found it helpful though. It speaks on finding your niche but I am everywhere. I have so much to juggle and want to talk about all of it. I am sure this book will help others but for me it wasn’t very good. It was however, inspiring because it gives a lot of success stories and pretty much gives some great publicity to blogs that have “made it”. As for me I am on to the next publication.