About to Take This Blog to the Next Level

I feel like I am not reaching my full blogger potential, so I picked this book up.  I know one major downfall is not blogging enough. So here goes, send me up some blogging prayers.


Yarnspirations Website

Now I will spend money on patterns; however, I love, love, love the free pattern options on this website. I have found some beautiful patterns and most come with some type of Youtube tutorial. If you haven’t been there go check it out!!

Blogging ADD

I think I suffer from blogging ADD. I absolute love domestic duties. I want to share all this love but I feel like I fail my readers daily. I want to share so much but end up not sharing anything. I am a newby blogger and so excited about blogging. However, I just can’t seem to find the words. So to my readers I fall short, my apologies.