About to Take This Blog to the Next Level

I feel like I am not reaching my full blogger potential, so I picked this book up.  I know one major downfall is not blogging enough. So here goes, send me up some blogging prayers.


Scrapbook Night 

My daughter had an exceptionally bad year in 2015. I would always ask her what could make her take her mind off of the bad and focus on something good. I explained to her that crochet is my escape, how I relax and keep my sanity. After brainstorming she told me that crochet wasn’t her thing but she’d like to try scrap booking (yay!!! a hobby). So today we had our date. We got a scrapbook, some stickers, cute paper for bordering our pictures, ink for the printer, and snacks. The printer was a major problem and I kept my cool and we went to Walgreens to print out pics (it was less stressful than trying to figure out how to make that printer work). I am on a struck budget so .39 a picture was kind of steep for me. I still had to finish my chores and time is money so I had no choice but to fork over the money for six pictures. Now my to do list includes finding picture deals tomorrow (never again).  My daughter was very impressed at my sale logic (since every sale is not a sale). Ultimately we got our pictures and made a beautiful scrapbook page, she is much more creative than I am and she seemed very relaxed making keepsakes. My son has asked to join us in our next session (I think we may be on to something). 



Book Review: The Digital Mom Handbook

I am really a novice at this blog thing and it sound a lot easier then it really is. So I checked out this book (title is in my heading) by Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla. Not sure if I found it helpful though. It speaks on finding your niche but I am everywhere. I have so much to juggle and want to talk about all of it. I am sure this book will help others but for me it wasn’t very good. It was however, inspiring because it gives a lot of success stories and pretty much gives some great publicity to blogs that have “made it”. As for me I am on to the next publication.

Operation Too Much Yarn

I am a hoarder of yarn!!! There I said it and I have taken my first step. I am diligently trying to work through this. I am currently working through skeins of yarn so daily I will brief you on my struggle and yes the struggle is real. Now I am currently working on a Cowboys afghan, a teddy bear book bag, and hoot the owl. Now only one of them is offered free through Red Heart and I will share the link. I plan on sharing the pics of my progress and keep you posted. I would also like to update my followers know I may be leaving Etsy to start my own website. They are on the Redskins bandwagon and as a creator and artist I don’t want that to be stifled with restrictions. Another reason is I LOVE the Redskins, I bleed burgundy and gold. I am researching (it’s in my nature to do my homework) starting a website. I hope everyone keeps my goals in prayer to uplift my success. Signing out God bless. The link to the free pattern is http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/its-hoot-owl-container