Freezer Friendly Meals

When you are making a dish consider if it can be frozen.  If so make a double dish and freeze it for a quick dish night.  This also works on stuff like pizza dough, tomato sauce (made from scratch), alfredo sauce, pretty much any sauces, and just get creative. Don’t freeze cabbage (trust me). 


Meal Planning tip

When you are cooking a dish with the cover on it, flip the top and you can cook two dishes at once.  Example: wrap veggies in foil, dinner rolls on foil (already cooked dinner rolls), and basically anything without a sauce wrapped in/or laid on foil.

Menu Monday – Stuffed Peppers

2 pounds ground meat (I used 1 lb ground turkey and 1 lb of sausage) [Cooked and seasoned]

1 family sized box of cajun rice (I used Zatarans)

1 pkg onion soup (I love this as a seasoning but this could easily be substituted with a broth of your choice. However, you would need to add chopped onions or onion salt/powder)

8 peppers (cut open at the top and deseeded) [freeze the trash part of your pepper for your veggie broth]

Now I browned my meat and seasoned it with salt, pepper, and soy sauce. I drained the meat (peppers will create a juice and if you don’t drain them it gets messy).

Then I added 1 package of onion soup and the amount of liquid necessary to cook the cajun rice. I added the cajun rice and cooked as directed on box. (You can add any veggies you decide to if you choose to. I added spinach)

Stuff your peppers and bake covered for 20-30 minutes.

Now for the whopping totals on cost $6 for meat ($4 for turkey $2 for sausage) onion soup $1, cajun rice $2.50, peppers $8, and spinach (optional) $1. Total $20.50 for 8 servings.

Meal Planning Websites

I am a single mom of three. A divorce has left my credit badly in need of repair and now I am looking for anyway possible to save money. I am blessed that today I am in a better place then I was last year at this time. By that I mean car repairs and emergency issues I have been able to resolve without borrowing or breaking the bank. I have begun to repair my credit slowly but surely. However, this is a process. I cut coupons and meal plan which do save me money. Now the meal planning can be tricky and all it takes is one night to forget to take something out and you $1.70 per person quickly goes to $6.00 per person (and that is the dollar menu at McDonalds). I have looked onto these meal planning websites and all the ones I see charge. Now if I had an extra $39.00 a year I do not want to use it for someone to tell me how pt meal plan. The flip side is I have picky eaters! Now what if I pay $39.00 and your meals don’t work for my family. So starting August I will begin my own monthly meal plan that I will share with you. I know this sounds crazy but I am so excited!!!