Menu Monday Part 2

Monday dinner: Dollar Tree Baked Ziti (my own concoction): 

1 box ziti (Dollar Tree)

2 Jars spaghetti sauce (Dollar Tree)

1 packet of onion soup (Dollar Tree)

1/2 lb pepperoni (deli $2.00)

1 pack Italian cheese mix ($1.50)

Mix onion soup and sauce together. Chop up pepperoni in quarters (it just distributes better but you don’t have to). Pour uncooked ziti in baking dish mix in pepperoni and cheese, then pour on tomato sauce mixture. I had Texas Toast in the freezer and that will be served with the baked ziti.

Note: I don’t use Dollar Tree cheese because it does not melt (which is weird to me). The pepperoni at Dollar Tree is not a good buy either, your local deli usually has a cheap brand that is perfect.