New Items Ready For Etsy

I am on a mission to get my inventory up on Etsy. I have been a busy bee crocheting. I am not overly happy with my photography skills though. I am starting to realize that to be siccessful I have to do more than make thd items available. I am getting in touch with my inner marketer. So now I am studying how to take better pictures and

give a better description. I have been studying successful pages and online catalogs for better ways to describe my items. If anyone else sells on Etsy please share your story.


Current WIP

I have been working on a cute quick slipper pattern that I found on the slipper is called the Cloud 9 Slipper. It works up extremely fast. I have made 6 so far (3 pair). ACMOORE has a similar yarn to Cloud nine (which is kind of expensive). The name is Stitch Studio by Nicole Sweet Puff. The best part of this is the yarn is on sale for a dollar this week. (As if I need more yarn). I added an elastic band in the top so that the slipper will hold its form. I used 1/2 elastic that I picked up from Walmart. I was not in the mood to sew so I glued the elastic. I used Aleene’s “ok to wash.” After trying them on I realized this really didn’t make a difference. My last few pair I just crocheted the pattern for small without the elastic. I think using ribbon weaved through the ankle portion is going to be a better idea. This has been a stash buster for me and they will make great gifts if they don’t sell on my Etsy page. I plan to start posting them Sunday. You can find the pattern here: Its free unless you want to download the file.






Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I am so excited that my daughter doesn’t want to work at the flea market anymore. I was plugging away to support her but praying she’d stop going. I am so ready to get into my blog and my Etsy page, the flea market was truly a distraction. I was so happy I went online today to check out my listings. I really have to take a photography class or something. My listings are definitely not up to par but a change is gone come!!! Standby for my progress.

ETSY, why?

I love crochet and I have never been overly successful selling on ETSY. I have to admit I used the site more for pricing and creative ideas. Now Etsy sent an email explaining that they are going IPO. Although I am not sure what that means I do know the site is not the same.  Not sure how much longer I will be a quant indie shop on Etsy. 😦

Operation Too Much Yarn

I am a hoarder of yarn!!! There I said it and I have taken my first step. I am diligently trying to work through this. I am currently working through skeins of yarn so daily I will brief you on my struggle and yes the struggle is real. Now I am currently working on a Cowboys afghan, a teddy bear book bag, and hoot the owl. Now only one of them is offered free through Red Heart and I will share the link. I plan on sharing the pics of my progress and keep you posted. I would also like to update my followers know I may be leaving Etsy to start my own website. They are on the Redskins bandwagon and as a creator and artist I don’t want that to be stifled with restrictions. Another reason is I LOVE the Redskins, I bleed burgundy and gold. I am researching (it’s in my nature to do my homework) starting a website. I hope everyone keeps my goals in prayer to uplift my success. Signing out God bless. The link to the free pattern is